How do I apply?

Our funding is for children aged nine and under. Please click on the photos of the Neville-Lake children to find the application forms and information on how to apply.

What do you mean by trauma?

For more information on the definition of psychological trauma, please click on the following link:

The funds that Many Hands, Doing Good provides are for any child who meets our funding criteria, that has been exposed to some level of trauma. A specific diagnosis is not required.

My child is 10. Can he still get funding?

Our age cap is nine years for all the dance and therapy funds.

Why ballet for boys?

Daniel loved to dance ballet and Many Hands, Doing Good would love to help other young boys explore their passion for ballet.

I only found one music/art therapist and I have their pricing. Is this good or do I need to find another therapist?

Parents or guardians need to find one therapist that they are happy with and submit the quote. Once approved for funding, if the cost of services exceeds the funding amount then the parent or guardian will be responsible for the balance owing.

It is hard to find a registered music/art therapist.  Where do I look?

For registered Music Therapists :

For registered Art Therapists:

My child was approved for art therapy.  I want to switch to music therapy.  How do I do that? 

It is occasionally possible to switch from art therapy to music therapy and vice versa.  This is approved on a case by case basis and it is best for you to email to discuss.  Please remember to include your child’s file number on all correspondence.  

My child was approved for art therapy and I want them to take dance.  Do you cover any dance classes or therapy?

Daniel loved to dance ballet and we would love to help other young boys explore their passion for ballet.  We will cover ballet classes and clothing for qualified applicants up to age of nine. At this time we do not cover other types of dance classes or therapy.  

My funding period is finished and I haven’t used all my funds.  Can I get an extension?

Please write to us quoting your file number and we will be happy to discuss your situation with you. 

I got funds for my older child and now I want to apply for my younger child.  How do I do that?

Please click on the appropriate photo of the Neville-Lake child that your child is comparable to age wise and proceed with the application process. 

I got funds for my older child and didn’t use them all.  Can I use the balance for my younger child’s therapy?

Our funding policy states that each child is allotted their own funds.  Please apply for your other child using the appropriate application form.  

Why do you only fund music and art therapy? 

The vision and mission of our organization is to support children that have been affected by trauma with Art and Music Therapy.  The focus of Many Hands, Doing Good is to provide Art and Music Therapy as both art and music were a large part of Daniel, Harrison and Milagros’ life.  As we are a young organization we are staying true to that focus at this time.  If you are looking for another type of therapy, please check back with us as we may be able to add other therapies as we grow.  

Where do I send my invoices too?

Please remember to include your child’s file number on all correspondence and that all invoices are made out to Many Hands, Doing Good and signed by the parent/guardian.  

Invoices can be sent to  or 

Many Hands, Doing Good

P.O. Box 74034

King’s Point Plaza PO

Brampton, Ontario

L6V 4J7

I live in British Columbia.  Can I get funding?

At this time funding is only available in Ontario. Please check back to see when our funding is available nationwide.  

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?  

Please note that 100% of proceeds will go to Many Hands, Doing Good. We are a registered not-for-profit organization which means we do not yet have charitable status and cannot issue tax receipts at this time. However, we can provide documents confirming the amount of money received. We appreciate your support as we work to nurture and inspire children/youth who want to pursue music, dance, arts and broadcasting

How can I find out more information about what new types of funding you will be offer?

Please check back on our website for the most accurate and up to date information about the types of funding we offer.  If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list please let us know using the “Contact Us” form on our website.  

I want to volunteer.  How do I sign up?

Please send an email to and let us know that you would like to volunteer at our next event.  We will keep your address on file and let you know about volunteer opportunities as they become available.