Harrison Wesley Neville-Lake
July 8, 2010

*For a Preschooler Ages 3-5 years old.*


Harry was delayed in learning how to speak but once he found his voice he was very eager to share it with the world!  He always sang loudly and proudly, wearing a smile on his face.  He was creative in changing the words to come up with what best suited the situation.  When Harry was very little, he would listen to music from artists around the world and we could see him responding and being moved by it.  It was music that was one of the key components in initially getting Harry to move his body across the floor, then stand, then walk, run, dance and twirl.  Music was also key in helping him stay motivated to learn to eat, to drink, to dress himself – basically in every area of his life music was there to sustain his motivation. 

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Long before we heard Harry say anything he was expressing himself though various forms of art.  Together with Harry we explored different mediums and were forever amazed at the beautiful pieces he created.  Throughout his life Harry loved to create rainbows, webs and tornados.  Whether he was at school, Beavers, home or in his therapy sessions you could find him creating.  Harry used adaptive equipment including scissors (which he called his “Special Scissors”) and markers to express himself.  As he got older, he loved to express himself through his clothing and his beautiful long hair, which was made of any long and & silky material he could find(preferably pink).  Harry was a bilateral partial hand & arm amputee and loved to tear paper into small pieces and curl them around his fingers.  If you were lucky, he would give you one that he had kissed for luck. 

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