"Thank you so much for giving Jasper the opportunity to take part in music therapy this summer. It was a great experience - one that would not have been possible without your generosity. Jasper loves music so much, and it really motivates him - I think it's played a big part in getting him up and on his feet, and he's now walking! We're so grateful for your organization. Thank you for all the good that you're doing."

"My six year old son with ASD was very fortunate to receive funding for music therapy from Many Hands, Doing Good. It was our first try to apply. I sent the application form for Daniel's fund in May. Then, I got an answer in June. And by July my son was already enjoying music therapy. He loves music therapy and it helps him in so many ways. Thank you so much for your generosity towards families like ours who truly need and appreciate your help. All the best!"

"This is Lisa and my daughter is taking music therapy with Dorothy. My daughter has been having music therapy since August, and wow the difference it has made in her life is awesome. She is still non-verbal, but the words are coming. She sings a lot more than talking and we have eye contact. We are learning to take turns, gentle hands and trying to express what we want and how we feel. I am forever grateful to you and Many Hands, Doing Good. A whole new world is opening up for my daughter and the spark in her eyes with the connection we have we would not have that if we did not have your support. By the way she loves to sing with conviction especially Jesus loves me. We walk in the store or mall and she sings very loudly. I would love to say thank you, but thank you seems to fall short in how you have helped. You and your family have a special place in our hearts."