Milagros Neriza Mary Neville-Lake
December 23, 2012

*Infant to Toddlers Ages 0-2 years old. *


Our Milly loved music in all forms.  She didn’t have a lot of words but she loved to express herself by banging toys and strumming the guitar while laughing and playing.  When it was time to dance she would bounce on the spot or ask for “Up!” which was her daddy’s cue to pick her up and dance around in circles.  At music class she would wave her rainbow scarf and was working on sharing toys with other children.  She loved to sing along with her Nanay and Owa and when she was alone in the car with daddy she had her special CD to listen to.   

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Milly had a huge fascination with art.  Some of her happiest times were spend being given a blank piece of paper and access to paint – she painted that paper with so much gusto!  There was never enough paint for Milly or enough paper, she could paint all day every day.  She loved to colour with crayons in a colouring book.  She could use her brother Harry’s adaptive scissors to cut paper in half and seemed to enjoying eating the glue as much as pasting with it.  She not only enjoyed making art out of paper but also expressed herself in the sandbox by drawing beautiful doodles in the sand with her hands and with sticks, stones, flowers – anything she found to use. 

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